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New Add-on Information Product
Gives Managed Medicare Companies an Edge

Child and Elder Care Insights, Inc. ("CECI"), one of the largest providers of child and elder care information and the developer of the first two national databases CHILDBASE® and ELDER BASE®, has developed a new CareReport™ for Medicare beneficiaries. CECI's new add-on, "Preventive Information Services™", helps managed Medicare companies attract and retain beneficiaries and improve their health, while reducing annual expenditures and subsequently increasing profits.


"This ancillary benefit product is attractive to the 65+ age group because of the inaccessibility of information regarding care and service options available to them when they are well and functional and when they are ill. "Preventive Information Services™" helps beneficiaries stay well or recover more quickly. Many service and care options preferred by this age group are available to them at very little or no cost and improve their health to the degree that their hospitalization rates and reimbursable care costs decrease annually," says Elisabeth A. Bryenton, President of CECI.


"Preventive Information Services™" is an effective, affordable and valuable add-on product that draws Medicare beneficiaries to a Managed Medicare Program. Thus, it has been exceedingly well received in our test markets. Its value to both the managed Medicare company and the beneficiary has ensured its success."


Child and Elder Care Insights, Inc. was named one of the top six dependent care information services in the United States in a publication released by the Families and Work Institute in New York, NY.