National Child Care Provider Database

Database Overview

Comprised of hundreds of tables and over 2.8 million records, CHILDBASE is the child care resource database that allows CECI to provide national child care information services. Our consultants assist, educate, and support working parents in their pursuit of quality child care. CHILDBASE includes child care centers, family day care providers, nurseries, preschools, before/after-school care programs, special needs programs, adoption resources, sick/emergency child care, vacation care, occasional care, back-up care, in-home care, schools (K-12), and literacy/tutor services.


To be included in CECI's child care database, CHILDBASE (like ELDERBASE), a provider must be licensed, certified, registered or otherwise lawfully providing care as dictated by the state, county, or municipal regulatory agency. In states where licensing is not obtainable and providers are legally exempt, the provider must comply with the stringent rules and regulations CECI has established for quality assurance. The latter increases the quality of the referred provider, home, or facility.


Our philosophy is to assist employees in creating the optimal child care environment and thus eliminate the work/family conflicts they experience as working parents. Fostering a personal relationship between parents and our child care specialists allows us to provide the most suitable resources, educate parents in the evaluation of their child's day care environment, and decrease the natural anxiety related to choosing the best environments.


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