National Elder Care Provider Database

Database Overview

Comprised of hundreds of tables and over 3.5 million records, ELDERBASE, CECI's elder care information database, enables our consultants to access information on elder care providers, services, health and wellness issues and clearinghouse information. The latter includes nursing homes, home health agencies, nutrition services, hospices, adult day care centers, legal services, transportation services, self-help organizations and groups, continuing care/retirement communities, senior centers and many other senior services. ELDERBASE also allows a consultant access to information on elder health topics - such as diabetes or Alzheimer's - and a myriad of other elder issues, such as legal services and health insurance.


ELDERBASE, (like CHILDBASE), is unique in its scope enabling our consultants to locate care options in any radius from an employees home or the home of their elder dependent anywhere in the U.S. Thus, employees who live far away from their parents are afforded the ability to locate resources with as much ease as those living nearby.


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