The CareTrust Program
License Verification & Referral Enhancement Services

To ensure the quality of the referral information we provide, CECI works closely with child and elder care providers nationwide. Our corporate and consumer clients and company's that lease our national databases trust our information and we work hard to keep that trust.

Likewise, child and elder care providers want to be able to demonstrate their commitment to quality, provide reassurance to their clients that they are lawfully providing care and distinguish themselves from their competitors.

CECI has developed a simple and effective benchmarking program that is specifically designed to accomplish these goals - CareTrust™.

CareTrust is a voluntary program - one that a provider or service elects to participate in. There are a myriad of benefits to the provider - increasing customer confidence, gaining new clients, increasing visibility, and effectively marketing their services.

Savvy consumers have already begun to look for third-party credentialing services, like the CareTrust™ seal, to bolster their confidence before final selection.

Each category has requirements that a provider must meet. CECI does not rate or recommend a provider or service. We use criteria from regulatory agencies and other third party organizations to determine provider eligibility.

Consumers need confidence. Confidence in the care they select. Information they can trust. CareTrust™.

For enrollment information, contact us at: 1-800-234-6322 ext 21. 

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