A Custom Published Referral Report




Employees and consumers contact us requesting assistance with their child care, elder care, legal, financial or other work/life issues. After speaking with one of our consultants regarding their particular concern, a consultant begins to research answers to their question. The research includes referrals to providers and services meeting their exact needs. The results of the consultant's research is printed out in an organized and easy to read custom published report or
The CareReport® addresses the exact care needs, regulations and laws and subject matter requested. The report is personalized and includes a table of contents, individual chapters that address each type of care requested, readings and checklists that permit one to more easily select the most appropriate quality care provider or service and a glossary of terminology.

No two CareReports
® are the same -- just as no two family’s needs and preferences for their children, spouses or elderly dependents are identical.

Personalized consultations permit us to publish a CareReport® that will assist in the search for dependent care or work life options and help employees, consumers and their families locate the best solution available - anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada or on an International basis.


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