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Time is too precious to wait for answers...If you are looking for child care anywhere in the United States, you've come to the right place. If you are a busy parent and need answers quickly, we understand!

By filling out the information below, we will provide you with a "Child Care Instant Answers" CareReport® directly to your e-mail or fax. It will contain the type of child care you desire and in the geographic areas you request! It's fast and easy and, more importantly,  from a name you can trust, Child Care Insights, Inc., "The CareReport Company®."

We offer all kinds of reports and for all budgets! 

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Child Care Centers Report 
Our most popular report!

Child Care Centers Report - Executive
You specify all your criteria, our child care consultants make all the calls!
See Sample Child Center Referral

Child Care Center Inspection Report   $30.00/ea.
Child Care Subsidy Report
Sources that Help You Pay for Care
Child Care Accreditation Report  
The "gold standard" for quality in the child care field
Child Care License Check
Determine whether your provider is lawfully providing care.
Family Day Care Homes Report  $75.00
Nanny Agencies Report      $75.00
Preschool Report   $75.00
Summer Camps Report $125.00
Summer Camps Report - Executive
You specify all your criteria, such as football camp or film school camp, our child care consultants make all the calls!
Child Care Custom Report
We specialize in helping you find exactly what you need!

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